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Adding Clients on Mani-Admin-Plugin Empty Adding Clients on Mani-Admin-Plugin

Post by Mike on Sun Nov 01, 2009 10:55 pm

There are many ways to add clients in mani admin. I will be teaching you guys the easiest way to get it done. There are some thing that you will need to do before you can add admins. Please read the requirements below.


* Have Mani Admin Plugin Installed on your game server
* Your Steam ID ( I will teach you how to get this in the tutorial )
* Your Servers Rcon Password


- First get on any game server on steam.
- Once in a game server press the ~ button to open you in game console.
- Once your in game console is open type status in the console and press enter.
- Find your name and and copy your steam id.
Example Of What You See In Console wrote:
STEAM_0:0:12345678 19:09 109 0 active
- Only copy the part in console that we colored in as orange.
- Once you have copied it that is your steam id.
- Save it somewhere becuase it will be used later in this tutorial.

- Open the console in your game server.
- Type rcon_password YourRconPasswordHere in the console.
- Type rcon ma_client addclient "Your Name" in the console.
- Type rcon ma_client addsteam "Your Name" "Your Steam ID" in the console.
- Type rcon ma_client setaflag "Your Name" "+client" in the console.
- Now you have admin!

All you have to do now is edit your flags. In order to do that you will have to access the admin menu by typing admin in the console. Then edit your admin flags in the client options in the admin menu.

To get fast access to your admin menu bind a key in console.

Admin Menu Bind Example wrote:
bind F1 "admin"

This tutorial was brought to you by Mike.

Check out my Youtube channel for more tutorials.

Adding Clients on Mani-Admin-Plugin Mike

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