Mic spammers and admin disrespect

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Mic spammers and admin disrespect Empty Mic spammers and admin disrespect

Post by Ownage on Sat Feb 27, 2010 3:26 pm

i was playing today and i asked nicely to stop spamming the mic and they told me to fuck off there was 3 people with the same name like Pbk or something like that and they kept talking shit and spamming the mic hard just yelling into it so i warned them again and still didnt listen so i banned them for 30 mins. for admin disrespect just letting you know Smile

just posting this in the same thread there was another person who admin disrespect the name was" i am the best at this game" kept callin all admins pussies and punk ass bitches and not following the rules of being inside by 130 so i slayed him for that but when he kept disrespecting all admins saying they were bitches and pussies and tellin me to ban him so i banned for an hour for disrespecing admins again just letting you know Smile

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